New York City Jogger, Karina Vetrano

This predator  is a male between the ages of 20-32 years of age. He has some sophistication and organizational skills. He knew when and where to attack Karina, kill her, and hide her in the marsh without being seen. He knows that area well and feels safe there.

He probably saw her before, running with her father and he fantasized about her. When he saw her alone it was his opportunity.

He probably has a history of abusing women. This is not his first time showing violence toward a female.

Priors could include sexual and physical abuse of a woman, possible voyeurism, possible indecent exposure and the stealing women's undergarments.

Prior to his assault on Karina, he could have lost or have had a turbulent relationship with a girlfriend or wife. He may have even lost a job recently.

 In his past he probably sexually abused a female that testified to authorities about him. The charge could have been pleaded down to a lesser charge by his attorney.

 He's probably strong and fit. He could live in or near the park.

Please call Crime Stoppers. 1-800-577-8477.