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Note: As new information becomes available we will update this profile!!


Atlantic City Serial Killer

(Partial Profile of "The Eastbound Strangler")


This lethal predator is a local male, who is very familiar with the Atlantic City area, and the disposal site of his victims.  He has a very organized personality which influences his personal and everyday activities, including his work.  He is very rigid and structured in his everyday life.  "A place for everything and everything in its place" would be his motto.  He has read (and reads) book on serial killers and he has some knowledge of crime scenes and crime investigations.  He has an extreme foot fetish and has a collection of women's shoes and the shoes of his victims.  He has not killed every prostitute he has come in contact with.  There are prostitutes who know him for the sexual gratification he gets from their feet.  He is nonsocial and likes to keep to himself.  He is narcissistic (everything revolves around him), and he is also very concerned with making himself look good in all aspects. He is also extremely opinionated.  If criticized or disagreed with, he would become extremely angry or agitated.  Although at times, when he wants to, he can be very charming.  In his pre-offense mode, he may have spoken about the sinful nature of prostitution, or he may have voiced economic concerns about prostitutes destroying Atlantic City's value or reputation.  In his post-offense mode, he would says things like "They got what they deserved" or "Good riddance."  He follows the news of his killings in the media.  His hobbies would include art and photography, and his obsessive fantasies would compel him to search for sexually graphic and/or violent pictures in all media.  He probably has a prior record of sexual or physical abuse or sexual harassment toward women.  He may have recently suffered a setback in his work or in a relationship. This predator is probably detached from his father and was abused as a child.  This person has also killed before these recent victims were found, and he will be compelled to continue his murderous ways in the future


 Updated profile as of 12/4/06 on the Eastbound Strangler:


This serial killer indulges himself with alcohol, marijuana and (at times) cocaine.  His female victims are surrogates for his rage against his wife or girlfriend, who may be now his ex. He may have lost a lot of money gambling in Atlantic City, which has caused financial problems in his relationships and business.  When he encounters a female acquaintance in his everyday life, instead of a normal greeting, his greeting may also include a remark or compliment regarding her shoes.  These remarks may be along the lines of "Where did you buy those shoes?", "I would like to tell my wife where to get those shoes."  He may even be known for offering women foot massages. 


 Updated profile as of 12/11/06 - Atlantic City Eastbound Strangler - (The Egomaniac with the Inferiority Complex)


Alfred Adler, M.D. once said, "Show me a person who believes he is superior, and I'll show you a person who believes he is inferior".  This serial killer certainly believes he is superior to others, as shown in his God complex.  He believes he is all powerful and that he has the last word over life and death.  Whether he is posing his victims to the East for some perverted religious reason or posing them to defame Atlantic City is, of yet, an unanswered question.  Another possibility is that this pathological narcissist wants his victims pointed in his direction (toward where he lives)?  Perhaps so he can look across the bay, at a defined landmark, where these women were posed into subservient positions. ( Also, perhaps, where he could live out his demented, sex, power and control fantasies.) 


This egomaniac knows he cannot stop his murderous ways.  He is not in control of his behavior anymore, no matter how much power and control he has exhibited on his victims.  He has lost his confidence in himself as a man when it pertains to his relationships or his work.  He realizes deep in his heart that he is a failure.  His narcissism comes from being love and attention deprived in his childhood.  An emotional detachment from his father has left him to feel like he is the victim of an overcritical and demeaning mother, whose self-destructive prophecy for him he will ultimately fulfill.  He tries to kill his self-defeating thoughts and feelings of inferiority through his murderous ways.  Unlike his victims, though, he has only succeeded in temporarily burying them alive deep inside his mind.  Soon they will come back to haunt him in the form of mistakes and lead to his demise.  He can only escape this tortuous mind-hell by giving himself up to Atlantic City authorities, and telling his story to the mass media and the millions of people who are interested in him.   


 Updated profile as of 12/25/06  "Living to Kill and Killing to Live" (You are always on my mind)


To understand this serial killer, is to look at the analogy between the term obsessive-compulsive behavior and the term addiction.  Since we usually relate the term "obsessive" with the serial killer, and the term "addiction" with the street prostitute, what actually is the difference?  The answer is "None!"  It is just a play on terms and words.  As the serial killer is constantly obsessing over his stimulating fantasy of power, control and sex on a daily basis, he is addicted to this fantasizing which eventually propels him into his hunt for a new victim.  This fantasizing can lead to murder.  This self-destructive, stimulating process will ultimately lead to his demise.  The interesting dynamic to review here, is that the crack-addicted prostitute which he hunts, is also addicted to a stimulating experience by using cocaine.  That addiction propels her into the world of prostitution to hunt for her finances to support her addiction.  This is another self-destructive process which will ultimately lead to her demise.  Both use the stimulating process to escape their tortuous, thought-filled reality of low self-esteem, shame, anger, despair and a hellish depression.  As the cocaine addicted prostitute builds up a tolerance to the drug and needs to increase her dosage to achieve her high, so to does the serial killer build up a tolerance to the fantasy and needs to escalate (or enhance) by starting the hunt for a victim to achieve his high. 


This addictive process in both has its roots in childhood abuse.  Not every woman who has been abused in childhood becomes a drug-addicted prostitute.  However, it seems that ALL drug-addicted prostitutes have been abused in childhood.  Likewise, not every man who has been abused in childhood will become a serial killer; however it seems that ALL serial killers have been abused in childhood.  In essence, you have two abused people from similar dysfunctional family backgrounds who meet with deadly consequences.  This addictive process causes the drug-addicted prostitute to live to use drugs and to use drugs to live.  Likewise, again, with this serial killer, his addiction process calls for him to live to kill and to kill to live. Reported child abuse has risen to three times the amount reported in the 1980s. And the vast majority of child abuse historically and presently goes unreported.



  Updated profile as of 2/5/07 "Paranoia will destroy ya."


This paranoid serial killer is also a "shy guy" who is lacking heterosexual social skills.  This lack of such skills results in poor relationships with women.  This lack of skills was also caused by severe and early childhood trauma.  Since he was traumatized in childhood, some of his daily behavior would be considered extremely childlike and immature by others who know him.  He may also have strong religious convictions which propel his rage toward drug-addicted prostitutes. 


He is an extremely dangerous man who navigates through his life without feeling guilt.  He does, however, feel fear.  When the women's bodies were found in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, the news sent a wave of fear throughout his entire body.  Presently he is fearful of being arrested and facing life in prison or the death penalty.  He is paranoid for good reason.  This man is known and has been seen by others, perhaps while searching for a new disposal site for his next victim.  With the fact that law enforcement is getting closer and following up with every tip and lead, he will surely be arrested. 


When dealing with a dangerous man like this, and trying to stop him from committing his final act of control (which would be suicide, which some serial killers have accomplished), the authorities will probably arrest him while he sleeps to insure a controlled and safe apprehension. 


  Updated as of 11/17/15 REWARD OFFERED!

There is a $25,000 one-time grand total reward being offered to person(s) with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the indidvidual(s) responsible for the murders of these women.


Coming in the next update:  "Getting closer!"  Note:  If perpetrator is arrested prior to next update, we will obviously not be posting. 

 If you have any information, please call the Atlantic City Police Department at 609-926-4051.