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Note: As new information becomes available we will update this profile!



Gender:  Male
Ethnicity:  African-American/Light-skinned Hispanic
Age:  Between 24-37 years of age
Locale:  Is local to the Kensington area of Philadelphia and frequents area of prostitution around there.
Vocation:  If not unemployed, when working it would be in a menial labor position.
Hobbies:  Art (drawing, painting, photography)
Legal history:  History of breaking and entering, petty theft, possession of an illegal substance. Also may have exhibited cruelty to animals, trespassing, voyeurism.
Psycho/Social history:  This psychopath suffers from a severe learning disability. He grew up in an extremely abusive family system, and would also be estranged from his biological father. 
Drug & alcohol history:  Drugs of choice would be alcohol, cocaine or marijuana.
Military history:  Could be ex-military, based on both his method of attack by strangulation, as well as him appearing to have a gait when walking that could possibly be from a military injury.
This "wolf-in-sheep's clothing" fits into the street environment in which he trolls very well for victims.  Unsuspecting victims view him as an ordinary "John".  He entertains a sexually violent fantasy which he is trying to fulfill.  This fantasy focuses on white women (for now); however, his M.O. could change if he comes across a victim of opportunity. 
This killer has probably lost a job and/or a relationship within the past five months.

This man realizes by now that he can not stop his urges to kill.

He should turn himself into police and tell his story to the millions of people who are interested in hearing it. 

He will stalk the streets until he sees a woman who will fit his murderous fantasy.  He will, if need be, wait until she is alone before he makes his introduction.  Prostitutes should be aware of an African-American/Light-skinned Hispanic male who is in the vicinity, standing around and watching them and waiting for one of them to separate from a companion or group.  He will try to kill again soon.
Please call Philadelphia Police at 215-686-3334 if you have any information regarding this killer. 

You can also contact us if you are concerned about directly contacting police and we will contact the Philadelphia Police on your behalf. This profile will continue to evolve as new information is received.