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We, at STALK, Inc., have been focused on this predator's ability to communicate and manipulate women with his phone.  We have even dubbed him the "Sweet Talking Killer". This killer has an uncanny ability to disarm and acquire victims with using his voice and his communication skills over the phone.  He leads the women to believe that they will be safe while in his company.  He was able to convince his victims to meet him without them having a driver and, for the most part, without having their cell phones on them. Some of these women, not being born and bred in NY City, may not have had the street-smarts that a native New York city escort might have exhibited. However, we have to ask ourselves that, being in the escort business, these women still should have had a certain amount of street savvy.  They certainly should have been wary enough to ask this killer John as to why they could not have brought their cell phone to the meeting.  After all, having a John telling you that you could not bring a cell phone should have triggered a major alarm of possible dangers. The reality is that, in their business, their phone is their literal lifeline!

How would this sweet talking killer answer that question as to why a cell phone could not have been brought along?  Here are some answers we came up with:

• I am a famous person and I don't want any photos taken of myself or where I Iive. 
• A cell  phone could later be traced to my address and my wife or my girlfriend could find out I was with you.
• I don't want to be recorded on a cell phone by anyone.
• A cell phone could interfere with my medical heart device, such as a pacemaker or defibrillator.  The magnetic energy of the cell phone could distort this device and I could suffer a heart attack.  If that happened, I could possibly die, and you would have a dead body to explain.

So, does this male serial predator take advantage of a woman's empathetic feelings for his medical plight? We, at STALK, Inc., have seen this take place a number of times in the annals of serial killers. Our best example is Ted Bundy, who lured women by portraying his need for their help because he had a fake cast on his arm and used that to his advantage to gain control over them
This predator probably said, "If you extend me the courtesy for not bringing along your cell phone for the above reasons, I will pay you much, much more money than you regularly receive for your services."
Again, the above statements are generic possible scenarios that could have come from this killer's lies.  They are possible answers to ruses to get these defenseless women to meet him alone and without a phone. Then he could maneuver them into his control and kill zone. 

We believe there are escorts out there who have heard his lies, for his reasons for not bringing a cell phone, before from this killer and didn't fall for his ruse. For the sake of all the dead women, their families, and the dead women who might follow, we ask you to contact your local authorities with possible information in the hope that this creep can finally be arrested and face punishment.

On another note, we have talked about this killer being seasonal, because of when the women were abducted. What about the possibility that he lives there year round, and that's why he knows the area so well, and has a significant other who leaves the house for other reasons and leaves him alone seasonally. That way he would have the house to himself and come and go and do as he wanted.

If you have any information on these murders please call police at 631-852-6396 or  Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-8477.

Partial Profile of Long Island, NY Serial Killer
(aka “The Sweet Talking Killer”)
posted 12/01/2011:

This killer is a sexual sadist who obtains a high from seeing women suffer and die. He enjoys watching violent pornography. He is very familiar with the Long Island area and his dump sites.  He is between the ages of 34 and 50. He has had and is known for having a long-time fascination with Law-Enforcement and has acquired police paraphernalia over the years.  He is very literate with computers and communications in general.  Because of this he is probably very adept at computer generated sounds, voices or phrases. He could be a collector of cell phones, not only of ones belonging to the victims. He is above average in intelligence.  He drives an enclosed vehicle, probably a van.  He is a very organized person, with a “place for everything and everything in its place”, and the word controlling could be his middle name. He hates women and, historically, probably physically abused them in relationships.  He probably feels that his mother didn’t take care of him when he was a child, and/or he has been betrayed by women through a lack of nurturing or through their infidelity.

He is a very auditory person who can be a charming talker who also socializes well.  He’s probably a major bragger about himself to others on what he believes are his accomplishments. He will probably not brag about the murders.  He has an affinity for social networking sites, especially Craigslist, to search for his victims from a pool of escort service providers. He has the luxury to be able to spend a lot of time on the phone qualifying his victims to find the right one of opportunity.  He has a way of finding out which prostitutes don’t have a driver, pimp or someone watching over them. Perhaps he utilizes a voice stress analyzer.  The majority of the women he called have not met his criteria for him to make them victims because they were too much of a risk for him; somehow he knew through his conversation that they had someone watching over them.  The phone is this predator’s thing, for sure.  He probably has a history of abusive demeaning phone sex, sexual harassment, or harassment in general, by phone; this harassment most likely took place against ex-girlfriends or any females who may have crossed him socially or in the workplace. Phone harassment may also have taken place against men who he believes had crossed him in some way.

Serial killers may not feel any guilt or remorse, but they do feel fear. The Long Island serial killer is feeling fear of apprehension. He is also a baby killer and he's feeling the fear of his fiendish deed.
It's only a matter of time until authorities arrest him. When that happens, he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison.  He should know that in prison, the majority of inmates hate baby killers, and will treat him accordingly.

Some punishments are worse than death.

Before they perfect their horrific trade. Most serial killers make mistakes in the beginning of their new murderous careers. The Long Island serial killer is no different. Whether it be that a girl got away from him; similar to a girl getting away from Gary Ridgeway, The Green River Killer, or a girl getting away from Robert Picton, the infamous serial killer in British Columbia. The Long Island serial killer has made mistakes early on as well. One of those mistakes might have been having a known relationship with one of his first victims, probably the one, whose baby he killed. He separated the body parts of the mother miles away from where the baby was found. I believe this is because he can be connected to her and didn't want her found and identified. Someone out there knows of their relationship. Why else would he jeopardize himself and go through so much effort and trouble to get rid of the body?

A possible pattern could be emerging after the identification of the Long Island Serial Killer's five victims. The five victims were all from out of town, and none were New York City metropolitan area natives.
Usually, born or bred NY City Metro escorts are extremely cautious and very vigilant of their surroundings, and would be skeptical of a fast talking John who may want to do them harm. I don't think this killer would have had an easy time getting NY City born or bred escorts to meet him alone without someone watching over them. We believe that this could be part of this predator's trolling philosophy. If the girls are from out of town, and recently coming to NY, they would be more naive and trusting of a sweet talking killer
This killer should turn himself in to authorities ASAP, and tell his story to the millions of people who are interested in him. He knows he can't stop killing!  If he doesn't turn himself in, eventually he will be arrested and lose control of his destiny or future.

The Egomaniac with the Inferiority Complex:
This sweet talking killer is an egomaniac with a major inferiority complex, which will be his undoing. He gets a high just thinking about how he's outsmarted everyone. However, this is short lived. When this killer comes down from his egomaniac high, he has to face his darkest reality. That reality is that he's nothing but a fragile looser who cannot take the slightest of criticisms.  At his core, he feels so much less than others, that he has to escape this reality and focus his mind on his stimulating murderous fantasies (which he will eventually act out on). He is just like the heroine addict that is coming down from his last high, who can't face his demons, so he fantasizes on procuring his next fix.

This potent killer of women and children has, should we say, a little problem (which he believes is a little male organ problem, that is). This killer is impotent, along with having poor relationship skills with women.
This killer was humiliated by a woman (or women) when he was trying to have a sexual relationship with them.

From what we understand, this loser has made a number of mistakes in the murders of his victims, that will come back to haunt him.
As we post this comment law-enforcement is getting closer to catching this DUMMY. This killer of women and children.

Updated 12/5/2016*


As soon as new information becomes available, it will be posted.
If you have any information on who this killer may be, please call 1-800-244-TIPS.