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Profile on Anthrax perpetrator, "Big Eyes"

[ Do any of these hits on our profile fit alleged anthrax killer Dr. Bruce Ivins?]

1.  This perpetrator has big eyes in proportion to his face.

2.  He is a 30-59 yr. old male, probably (but not necessarily) Middle Eastern.

3.  He probably works in a lab in NJ as a geologist, bacteriologist or microbiologist.
     Possibly an extremely talented chemist who may have already retired within the last 4 years.

4.  He is an ambidextrous, or he wrote the Anthrax letters with his left hand.

5.  He is a big reader of newspapers and books.  He might be considered bookish.

6.  He is quiet and non emotional, and presents a flat affect.

7.  He is extremely structured and rigid in his thinking and work.

8.  If Moslem and married, he would have his wife dress in Moslem fashion.

9.  He likes to sightsee and travel, and would talk about trips with colleagues and
     friends.  For instance, a trip to Franklin Mineral Museum in NJ.

10. He is extremely neat and clean.

11. His hobbies include art (maybe Middle Eastern) and photography.

12. He has criticized American policy and the American media.

13. He may have a problem with women at his job, and might become enraged when 
      confronted by a female peer or a female supervisor.

14. He may have purchased lab equipment and bragged about a lab in his house to              
      friends and colleagues.

 If you have any information, please call the F.B.I. at 609-883-4499 for a possible
 1.25 million dollar reward.

Remember the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center took place during
Ramadan.  Stay vigilant!  God Bless America.

Profile posted November 16, 2001