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posted 12/11/2013:

The Golden State Killer/EAR (East Area Rapist)/The Original Night Stalker (who will be referred to as the ONS in this profile) was a white male between the ages of Twenty two to thirty one years old when he started raping in Sacramento County.
He was physically fit and spent a good amount of time running and bicycling and has had military training. He was a voyeur earlier in life and could have been known as a "peeping tom". in his younger years. 
The ONS was a big fan of Jesse James and other notorious gun slingers of the old west. He would have talked about them to others and had pictures and books on them.
The ONS did take some creative writing courses, probably at a local college in Sacramento County.
The ONS had a bondage fetish that would have followed him into his relationships. His knot preference in tying people up would have been a diamond knot. 
The ONS would have engaged, and probably married, a very submissive women who would have gone along with his bondage fetish.
He would be known for having many guns, some western antiques and bragging about his shooting.
If alive, the ONS is in a position of power and control in his job or owns his own company. He would be known for being overly strict and compulsively, visually structured. "A place for everything and everything in it's place" would be his motto. He would become extremely angry if criticized or corrected.
The ONS's hobbies would include drawing; he may even draw and plan at his job. His other hobbies would include painting, photography and hunting.
If he had a a dog ,he would have been known for walking his dog and not picking up after it.

Updated 01/22/2014*

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